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  ​Reflexology                                                       Massage 

Think Well, Feel Well, Be Well 

Reflexology is a treatment of reflex areas or pressure points in the face, ears, hands, and feet that are related to specific organs and glands in the body. Reflexology can prove to be a life-altering therapy with physical, mental and emotional benefits making it particularly helpful for all stress related conditions by inducing a state of relaxation tension is eased circulation improved and toxins released and eliminated from the body.

Ms. Timequa Person is an accomplished Foot Therapist/ Zone Therapist/ Reflexologist and Bodywork Specialist. She was trained at Helms Career Institute in Macon,Georgia as a Massage Therapist, which her the ability, training and knowledge to branch off into other fields of Massage and Body Mechanics. This became a Reflexologist with over 2 years of experience in a spa setting with Pamper Me Foot Spa in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Ms. Person will be incorporating a variety of foot soaks with Reflexology session from detox to luxury milk soaks which pull toxins from the body, improves muscle and nerve function, reduces inflammation and improves blood flow.

“I am here to help bring Reflexology to the forefront, not just for a spa setting but to become a part of our clients overall health and wellness for a better life. “   

Our professional services are provided to ensure that clients receive desired services therapeutically as well as the best service for them. Our primary objective is to  promotes overall well-being.  Hoping that each client leaves knowing and feeling that their time was not wasted and see immediate benefits and results. 

Ms. Nikkie Rock is  a massage therapist , and master cosmetologists.  She believes in making sure that each client  who walks through her door receives not only excellent service but the correct service for them.   

"My goal is to make sure you get exactly the type of massage service that will be the most effective for you. My goal is also to ensure that you see a daily as well as lifelong, lifestyle improvement. "