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Reflexology is a holistic practice that works to keep the body in balance and help to activate the body’s natural abilities to heal itself. Reflexology is safe and effective  spa treatment for all ages. Relaxing and natural foot  soaks are incorporated  as great stress reliever and add to a complete holistic experience. 

Reflexology Services
Mini Reflexology  -15 Minutes @ $20.00

Dash reflexology-20 Minutes @ $25.00

Moment of Bliss-30 Minutes @$35.00

Waiting to Exhale-45 Minutes @ $45.00

Heaven Sent-60 Minutes @ $65.00

The Ultimate Experience-75 Minutes @ $65.00

Sole Soothing Soaks

Soothe your soles@$35.00
Healing for muscles and powerful antioxidants with oils of tea tree ,clary sage, and lavender plus eliminating toxins.

Sole 2 Soul​ @$35.00

Induce feelings of inspiration and emotional stability with oils of frankincense, sandalwood and Himalayan

 Sole Prana @$35.00

​Oxygen detox helpful during illness helps clear congestion and alleviate body aches.

Sole Balance @$35.00
Bentonite clay ,balancing oils and Himalayan salt.
absorbs, removes toxins , heavy metals, impurities and chemicals.